The Onto Matrix

To survive and thrive in the 21st century, businesses have to simultaneously deal with increasing security threats, tougher compliance requirements and dramatically increased penalties while still delivering innovation to customers.  The Onto Matrix compliance automation platform provides the technological foundation required to deal with these issues without overwhelming a company's operations.  Here's how it works.


With workflow automation, a metadata catalog, and thousands of connectors to virtually every internal and external IT system, the Onto Matrix automates the ability to apply policies in real time to personal data, objects and resources within IT systems as well as the processes required to stay compliant and secure.


By creating a central data catalog and repository you can deploy anywhere: AWS, other cloud providers and on premise, PrivOps' systemic approach to data governance, integration and real time analytics makes it easy to securely and compliantly create and manage data flows across and between companies to create new rich customer experiences.

How it works

The Onto Matrix optimizes data management by codifying data like APIs codify interfaces.  Four standard data objects: policies, resources(devices), functions (software code), and data can be connected in almost any configuration to create new application groups, connect existing applications, and automate policy management as well as configuration changes - much like Legos. 

Change management and audit is built in by design since each data object stored in the metadata catalog is automatically stored as time series data.

Automated deployment of secure and compliant applications across the enterprise and management of data flows between those applications is easy and efficient because any data object can be reused across any set of applications.

Now you can easily manage your applications, data and infrastructure with change control and versioning for each unique data object - including policies, transactions, users, roles, resources, and data. 

Onto Matrix - Physical view

Onto Matrix - Physical view