Finding, classifying and assessing your EU customers' data is only the beginning; the real work begins with the work required to transform business and IT operations for compliance.  

Without an automation strategy, GDPR compliance transformation can overwhelm organizations and drastically limit their ability to deliver new, more personalized customer experiences.

Continuous GDPR compliance requires automation. We make that automation possible at scale.

PrivOps provides the automation software component of a complete GDPR compliance solution. Most organizations will need to start with a current state assessment that could be performed with a PrivOps partner or internal resources. Then they’ll need to define a roadmap that details the people, processes, technologies and outcomes required for successfully achieving GDPR compliance.  Once discovery, classification, and impact assessments are complete, the real work begins. Using PrivOps' Onto Matrix platform, organizations will then be able to automate for continuous GDPR compliance.

PII Masking Breach Reporting pseudonymization anonymization Data Subject Consent for GDPR data privacy

Key Use Cases

Role based PII access & masking

PII access and masking, consent database
Video: Personal Data Masking Example

Video: Personal Data Masking Example

GDPR requires that data subjects have the right to withdraw consent at any time; PrivOps makes it possible to filter PII in non-consenting customer records based on who makes the request in real time while roles control who gets access to what data

  • Cost effective

    • Reduce operational cost with automation
    • Minimize impact to connected applications
  • Minimize risk by ensuring parties only have PII they’re entitled to have

  • Reduce impact of compliance on innovation Sharing non-PII customer data is much easier

  • Non-intrusive  - Run in your own datacenter or cloud 

Multiple account consolidation and pseudonymization

duplicate account consolidation and pseudonymization
Video: Pseudonymization Example

Video: Pseudonymization Example

Improve security and improve customer data visibility simultaneously by automating the process of matching multiple customer accounts and storing customer data in separated, highly secure PII databases.

  • Minimize risk and impact of breaches by ensuring customer/employee PII is sequestered from other data.

  • Better visibility into customer activity with a consolidated customer account

  • Eliminate likelihood that customer data is missed - Any actions taken with customers’ data occurs will all related accounts.

  • Cost Effective – Automate actions taken with customer data across multiple accounts

Massive Scalability and Resilience

The architecture scales linearly both within datacenters and between datacenters (and cloud). Each database node and appliance node delivers incremental transaction volume, throughput & capacity based on sizing.  Data is automatically replicated between datacenters.

hybrid cloud, multicloud example