The risk is real - up to 4% of global company revenue and unlimited liability is at stake for every US company with EU customer or employee data.

GDPR Data Privacy Protection

But what if GDPR also represents an opportunity to create competitive advantage?  

PrivOps’ OntoSM Matrix data automation platform represents a radically new approach to building software 10x faster without impacting existing systems.  With our approach, it’s possible to make GDPR compliance easier and more scalable while simultaneously building trust with customers and accelerating your ability to launch digital capabilities. Let GDPR be more than just a risk to mitigate, make it the catalyst you need to create your version of a 21st century digital enterprise.

Using automation to create cost effective, scalable, real time GDPR compliance

Companies without a data compliance automation strategy will increasingly find themselves overwhelmed and unable to effectively comply with GDPR as their company grows and compliance laws evolve.  And the risk for non-compliance is quickly becoming a global risk:  Brazil, India, China and many other countries are considering similar laws.

Data Subject Consent profiling RTBF Security and privacy by design

Data Subject Consent profiling RTBF Security and privacy by design

We make it possible to control in real time where customer data lives, how it’s stored, and when, who or what has access. It's easier than ever before to safely and cost effectively use personal data to create better, more personalized customer experiences.