Start your journey to  Digital Mastery by automating data governance for GDPR

Create partnerships between compliance, IT and the business. Make GDPR more than a risk to mitigate, make it the starting point for building a 21st century digital enterprise.

 GDPR Risk
Data shouldn’t imprison you or your customers, it should empower you both.

Don't let GDPR prevent you from using data to better serve your customers

Some organizations, will choose to reduce risk by limiting the use of personal data. This can happen without many in the organization even being aware. Over time, the ability to better, more personalized customer experiences is drastically limited and competitiveness suffers.


Get back to what you do best

How many right to be forgotten requests, consent changes, data portability requests and subject access requests can you handle without being overwhelmed? With end to end automation, you can easily protect your data from misuse while avoiding risk and getting back to focusing on the business.


Quash the silos: A new approach to data governance 

Even if you have data in hundreds or thousands of locations, we control in real time where sensitive data lives, how it’s stored, and when, who or what has access. It's easier than ever before to safely and cost effectively use personal data to create better, more personalized customer experiences.