Control your data. Control your future.

Our goal is to help build a world where everyone can safely unleash their creativity through better technology.

Technology shouldn’t imprison you, it should empower you.


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The name PrivOps is a play on the term “Privacy Operations”. We believe that in order to better serve customers and grow revenue, organizations need to monetize the data they already have by taking advantage of data in a way that is secure, protects customer privacy, and is extremely efficient, and is rapidly scalable. In other words, we believe that if you can control your data, you can control your organizations’ future.

PrivOps goal is to provide technology to help companies become more competitive by making data agility a core competence. We created the PrivOps Matrix data fabric serve as the foundation for a platform for monetizing data.

By integrating, governing and automating data flows between complex systems, the PrivOps Matrix empowers organizations to securely and compliantly move to the cloud while monetizing data and controlling in real time where sensitive data lives, how it’s stored, and when, who or what has access.




Kit Johnson

Cofounder, CEO, CRO


Tyler Johnson

Cofounder, COO, CTO