About PrivOps

Technology shouldn’t imprison you, it should empower you.

Our goal is to help build a world where everyone can safely unleash their creativity through better technology.


ATDC Accelerate company

member2017 Cohort

Founded in 2015 originally as Convergent Technology Advisors, PrivOps is creating the next generation of technologies for building secure, compliant applications in the cloud.

PrivOps goal is to provide technology to help companies become more competitive by achieving digital mastery. We created the PrivOps Matrix hybrid application, integration and metadata management platform to serve as the foundation for building a digital business technology platform.

By integrating, governing and automating data flows between complex systems, the PrivOps Matrix empower organizations to securely and compliantly move to the cloud while monetizing data and controlling in real time where sensitive data lives, how it’s stored, and when, who or what has access.




Tyler Johnson, Founder and CEO

A senior executive and thought leader with more than 20 years of experience, Tyler has a unique perspective that has helped him build technologies, teams and processes  to accelerate innovation.

Early in his career, Tyler invented an automated testing platform for HP's most advanced Superdome servers. Using an approach to automation and feedback similar to what's known as DevOps today, his platform dramatically accelerated product launch time and quality by automating testing for over 150 engineers. Still in use after over 15 years, Tyler was awarded 22 US and several international patents for this innovation.

Since then, Tyler led product development for a organization that more than doubled the size of Rackspace's VMware private cloud practice to over $600 Million, led strategic alliances with IT technology leaders with up to $75 Million in business, and launched PrivOps, a startup focused on software for intelligent integration.

A recognized expert in the cloud computing space, Tyler has consulted and worked with global IT firms, such as Rackspace, HP, CSC (now DXC Technology), NetApp, VMware, DellEMC, Deloitte, and many others.

Tyler holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University, an MBA from Southern Methodist University and resides in Alpharetta, GA, with his wife and two sets of twins.