The PrivOps Matrix™

Much more than a tool

Many companies, especially companies with recent M&A activity, have an overabundance of applications, customer databases and tools that don’t play well together.  They can’t use their data effectively, innovation suffers, and they become vulnerable to disruption.  The problem is exacerbated by the rise of new data privacy laws like GDPR and ever-increasing security risks. 


The PrivOps Matrix™  is not intended to replace systems of record, systems of intelligence or systems of engagement inside and outside the organization, but rather to harmonize them. 

By integrating, governing and automating data flows between these systems, the PrivOps Matrix™  serves as the foundation for a business technology platform. With the PrivOps Matrix™, organizations can securely and compliantly monetize data by controlling in real time where sensitive data lives, how it’s stored, and when, who or what has access.


It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
— Charles Darwin

The Goal

Successful 21st century businesses simultaneously support: 

  • Faster Innovation

  • Stronger Security

  • Better privacy


Safely using data to make better, faster decisions, create more personalized customer experiences, and enable new business models is how companies in the 21st century compete and win.

The Problem - Held hostage by the past


Acquisitions, departmental technology decisions,  aging technologies, and new cloud based applications and tools have created a proliferation of  different applications, databases, interfaces, and tool across most organizations.

Because the pieces don't fit well together,  innovation, security and data protection are difficult to achieve.

Traditional and cloud software companies make the integration problem worse by creating proprietary technology stacks to lock customers in.  



The Missing Piece - Universal Data Governance with the PrivOps Matrix™

The PrivOps Matrix™ is a control plane & data catalog you can deploy everywhere: AWS, other cloud providers and on premise. Our modular approach to data governance, automation integration and real-time analytics makes it possible to control data securely and compliantly & create new applications & services an order of magnitude faster than with traditional methods

To solve the complexity problem, we need a broader way to think about data.  By creating modularity at the data, policy and application layers, it's possible to create reuse patterns that dramatically improve the ability to build, deploy and manage applications and data.

Modern IT architectural patterns like serverless compute, API standardization and DevOps have created substantial improvements in the ability to apply technology to innovation; the PrivOps Matrix™ builds on these concepts to accelerate innovation even further.

How the PrivOps Matrix works


metaDNA™: How The PrivOps Matrix™ optimizes data governance by codifying data like APIs codify interfaces. 

Four standard reusable data objects: policies, resources(devices), functions (software code), and data can be connected in almost any configuration to create new applications, integrate with existing applications & data and automate policy management & configuration changes - much like Legos.  The Matrix™ has unlimited scalability, is highly resilient and secure, and connects to 1,000s of different APIs, cloud, traditional infrastructure, web service and/or traditional software.

Imagine how much more efficient development becomes when reusing the same functions for orchestration, data transformation, governance, integration and application development.