Consent Management 

comprehensive Consent Management across all data subjects, locations, permitted uses & data requestors 

Consent Management Automation

Organizations need a comprehensive automated consent management system to guarantee that data subjects can change consent for multiple specific permitted uses & organizations can tie those permitted uses to internal and 3rd party requestors .   

  • Data Subjects (consent)
  • Permitted uses (sensitive data filters)
  • Internal data requestors (rights management) 
  • Data requests - 3rd party data processors

PrivOps' COMPREHENSIVE Consent Management System

The PrivOps Matrix makes consent management easy because it:

  • Easily connects to wherever data lives with thousands of connectors utilizing the node.js open source repository (
  • Easily integrates with industry standard identity and access management systems like Active Directory and AWS IAM
  • Retains history of all consent changes, policy changes, infrastructure changes &  permitted use changes