Data Discovery & Classification

Most organizations don't know either the locations or sensitivity of their data.

Companies need a way to identify sensitive data on an ongoing basis. The PrivOps Matrix,  with its ability to easily integrate with change management processes, integrate with thousands of different data sources and apply business rules makes this easy.

PrivOps Discovery & Classification Workflow

The PrivOps Matrix makes data discovery & classification much easier because it can:

  • Easily integrate with thousands of data and application technologies utilizing the node.js open source repository (
  • Easily integrate with industry standard scanning and data cleansing tools.. 
  • Create business rule functions using standard regular expressions that identify and classify personal data
  • These functions may reside in containers, function services (i.e. AWS Lambda) or on Ubuntu Linux servers located anywhere.
  • Serve as the data catalog output of the data discovery and classification stage of GDPR and other data governance projects.  This is a fundamental requirement of any  strategy that aims to automate data control & governance.