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Seemless Data Governance with the PrivOps Matrix

Introducing the PrivOps Matrix, a platform for simple, low cost compliance and data governance that optimizes operations while quickly adapting to your growing business and evolving global privacy regulations.


GDPR Data Governance - Automated

Companies without a data compliance automation strategy will increasingly find themselves overwhelmed and unable to effectively comply with GDPR as their company grows and compliance laws evolve.  And the risk for non-compliance is quickly becoming a global risk:  Brazil, India, China and many other countries are considering similar laws.


Under the Hood - The PrivOps Matrix 

The PrivOps Matrix is a control plane & data catalog you can deploy anywhere: AWS, other cloud providers and on premise. Our modular approach to data governance, automation integration and real-time analytics makes it possible to securely and compliantly create new applications and services an order of magnitude faster than with traditional methods