GDPR Solutions - Overview

Comprehensive, low cost GDPR Compliance that Grows with your Organization


How many right to be forgotten requests, consent changes, data portability requests and subject access requests can you handle at the same time without overwhelming operations? 

What is the PrivOps Matrix?


The PrivOps Matrix platform is a comprehensive data governance control plane and data catalog that  contains:

  • Workflow automation
  • Policy automation
  • Data transformation (ETL)
  • Integration with 1000's of data sources
  • A metadata catalog 

The PrivOps Matrix automates and manages every type of data associated with GDPR compliance.

Getting started with GDPR Compliance

Most organizations will need to start with defining a roadmap that details the people, processes, technologies and outcomes required for successfully achieving GDPR compliance. 

Using PrivOps' Onto Matrix platform, organizations will then be able to automate for continuous GDPR compliance.  Finding, classifying and assessing your EU customers' data is an important first step; but even after this work, many underestimate the challenge to transform business and IT operations for compliance.