PrivOps approach

A platform for optimizing operations through simple, low cost compliance and data governance - including GDPR.

To survive and thrive in the 21st century, businesses have to simultaneously deal with increasing security threats, tougher compliance requirements and dramatically increased penalties while still delivering innovation to customers. 

The PrivOps Matrix data automation platform represents a radically new approach to building software 10x faster without impacting existing systems.  With our approach, it’s possible to make GDPR compliance easier and more scalable while simultaneously building trust with customers and accelerating your ability to launch digital capabilities.  

Without incremental cost, GDPR compliance can create the technological foundation for an agile, digital native business prepared to compete in the 21st century.

GDPR Real Time Data Automation is the catalyst for Digital Transformation, an enabler for systems of insight, analytics, and cloud computing

GDPR Real Time Data Automation is the catalyst for Digital Transformation, an enabler for systems of insight, analytics, and cloud computing

PrivOps Matrix - Physical view

PrivOps Matrix - Physical view

How the Matrix Works

Using simple things to create complex things 

Beyond microservices, a data ontology built on AWS, Azure, with node.js and Cassandra

To rapidly accelerate innovation, a unified approach to governing data is needed

A modular approach that extends categories of data governance to include resource attributes & state, rules, software code as well as descriptive (customer) data is needed.

The PrivOps Matrix optimizes data management by codifying data like APIs codify interfaces.  Four standard reusable data objects: policies, resources(devices), functions (software code), and data can be connected in almost any configuration to create new applications, integrate with existing applications & data and automate policy management & configuration changes - much like Legos.


The Matrix consists of a workflow automation engine, a metadata catalog, a real-time data pipeline, ETL functions and thousands of connectors to virtually every internal and external IT system.

The Matrix has unlimited scalability, is highly resilient and secure, and connects to 1,000s of different APIs, cloud, traditional infrastructure, web service and/or traditional software.


Example:  Constructing Applications

Applications are constructed as a group of data objects in the metadata catalog.

Each object in the catalog is a time series metadata (or actual data) object. Using automation workflows, objects can be updated and/or linked to any other set of objects in real time, making it possible to reconfigure applications in real time.


Because of the modular nature of the Onto Matrix approach to application deployment, it’s a simple matter to deploy applications across multiple clouds. It’s so simple, it can be automated based on an event trigger, like a change in pricing by a cloud provider.  Only the data components or objects of an application stack specific to a cloud (or on-premise) are switched out as part of the deployment flow.

Since all objects are stored as time series, versioning and audit are automatic.  In addition, since all the application components are modular and isolated, change management is simplified because components specific to one location are isolated from components specific to other locations.